Sunday, August 21, 2011


We have a saying in our family it goes like this "pack your bags you're going on a guilt trip. I grew up in a very Irish/Italian family, my mother being the Italian one.  Italian mothers have a special gift of sending you on a guilt trip and you never even get to leave the house.  Of course this talent  curse only effects the female offsprings of the family.  The male offsprings don't get to enjoy the ride.

With the holidays just around the corner I will taking a lot of these trip and I won't have any frequent flier miles to show for them.  Bring them on "Mother" I'm ready for you this year.  One advantage of being the youngest I can always ask if all my siblings are attending the party, shower, picnic, dinner or church bazaar.  If I hear that one my "older" siblings is unable to attend the event, I feel I should get a free pass. "NOT" Well let me just tell you that doesn't work in my family.  I've learned many years ago to just put on a smile and attend the function of your-mothers-choice.  Life is much better when your Mama is happy.

My wonderful Mother will be 90 years old on her next birthday in just a few months so I will be taking as many trips as she would like and I will truly be smiling along the way.  I really do have the best Mother in all the world and I feel truly blessed to belong to such a loud large family.

As far as traditions go, I'm looking forward to passing them all on to my children.  I know they are really looking forward to this one in particular.  Love you K & Z.


Jen @ Creating with the J's said...

Such a sweet story!!!!

Crissa said...

Love this post! Being a Frequent Flyer myself - I can appreciate where you're coming from. As you know, my mama learned from the best (your mama)!

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