Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christmas decorating yard sale style-Take IV

This stool I bought for $5.00.  I am not doing anything creative to it.  I like it just like it is. 

View of the top of the stool

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Christmas decorating yard sale style-Take III

I purchased this sled at a yard sale this summer for $1.00.  I added the last of my uppercase living snowflakes  $.50 and some greenery to the top.  I glued on a few Christmas bulbs.  The greenery and bulbs were also yard sale finds. 

I'm thinking this costs a total of  $2.00.   Let me know what you think of my discount decorating.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hats off to my Beautiful Niece

Back in April my beautiful niece turned 40.   To help her celebrate her sister “BellaBud” threw her a birthday party.  The party was titled “hats off to Leigh.”  I was in charge of the favors, I decorated wine glass with polka dots.  I will post more on the favors later. 

I wanted to share with you the gift I made for her.  She has always worn hats for as long as I can remember hence the “hats off” theme.  So I decided I wanted to decorate a hat box for her.  I went to Ollies and purchased as hat box on clearance for $1.99.  I wish I would have taken a picture of the box before I started but I forgot.  Sorry.

First I painted the box white and then I used crackle paint over top of the white.  The next step was to paint over the crackle paint with black paint.  I left the ridge of the hat box the original color because it coordinated with my color scheme.  I made copies of all the pictures that I had of her wearing hats and decoupaged them on to the box.  I took a wooden flower and painted it black and glued it to the center of the box.  I just printed out the words “fabulous at forty” and glued them to the flower.

I forgot to mention we all had to wear hats to the party.  Here is a picture of my mother, the birthday girl and me.

I love how it turned out and she loved it. 

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Christmas decorating yard sale style-Take II

All of these ornaments were purchased this summer at various yard sales.  I never pay more than $1.00 for ornaments.  It is absolutely amazing how many beautiful ornaments are out there.

The vases came from the Dollar Tree.  Take one vase and one glass candle stick.  Each $1 at the Dollar Tree.  Use gorilla glue to glue them together.  I just added different size bulbs.

The dish was purchased from a thrift store for .99 and I just added more bulbs to coordinate with the vases. 

Very simple and cute.

My estimate on the cost of all this would be $7.00. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Christmas decorating yard sale style-Take I

**Red square plate purchased this summer at a yard sale for 50 cents.  I added the Uppercase living snowflake also purchased for 50 cents at a yard sale. 

**Red candle purchased $1.00 at a yard sale.  I painted the candle with modge-podge and then rolled it in epson salts.  I glued a white snowflake with gorilla glue to the front.  I purchased the black candle vase from the Dollar Tree for $1.00.

**Double tea light I purchased for $1 at the Dollar Tree, painted the top with modge podge and rolled in epson salts. 

All this for under $5.00.  Not bad at all.  
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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Christmas Ornaments

You could make these ornaments for your favorite team.  Our favorite team happens to be the Pittsburgh Steelers.    I used wrapping paper, modge podge, wooden discs and snowflakes.

All these items were purchased at yard sales.  The wrapping paper I've had for about 3 years. I just keep cutting it up and using every bit of it.

Wooden discs I bought 12 for $1.00

Snowflake ornaments I purchased 40 for $1.00

Glass beads (not pictured) were from the dollar tree you get a bag for $1.00

I painted the wooden discs black.  I cut the circles out of the wrapping paper and then modge podged them on to the discs.  I then glued the discs on to the snowflakes

For the glass beads, I cut the circles out of the wrapping paper and modge podged to the back of the glass bead. 

When all were dry I used gorilla glue and glued the discs and the glass beads to the snowflake.  Here is the finished product.

Thanks for visiting.  I would  love to hear what you think of my ornaments.
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all crafts Homemade Projects ~ Add Yours {11/8}
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Home made bread making 101

I decided to try my hand at making bread from scratch again.  I've tried this in the past and I was always disappointed.  Since my culinary skills have improved I thought I would try again.  This is another old recipe from my Mother's recipe box.

I love that this recipe is in my Mother's handwriting and that she wrote in the corner who the recipe was from.  (I remember her friend Virginia when I was a little girl)

All mixed up and ready to let raise

Finished baking and hot out of the oven!  The house sure does smell good.

Okay, they tasted wonderful but they still aren't perfect.  The bread is a little flat, as my hubby reminded me at least 10 times, but they tasted great.  I refuse to give up, I'm going to keep trying this recipe until they are just like my Mother used to make.  Stay tuned for bread making 101 take II coming soon.