Sunday, November 6, 2011

Home made bread making 101

I decided to try my hand at making bread from scratch again.  I've tried this in the past and I was always disappointed.  Since my culinary skills have improved I thought I would try again.  This is another old recipe from my Mother's recipe box.

I love that this recipe is in my Mother's handwriting and that she wrote in the corner who the recipe was from.  (I remember her friend Virginia when I was a little girl)

All mixed up and ready to let raise

Finished baking and hot out of the oven!  The house sure does smell good.

Okay, they tasted wonderful but they still aren't perfect.  The bread is a little flat, as my hubby reminded me at least 10 times, but they tasted great.  I refuse to give up, I'm going to keep trying this recipe until they are just like my Mother used to make.  Stay tuned for bread making 101 take II coming soon.

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