Friday, May 30, 2014

New Summer dress for free

My newest addiction is to refashion old clothes in my closet to something new to wear. For this upcycle I took 2 shirts that I've had for about 2 years each, cut them sewed them together and I now have a new summer dress to wear to work or out to dinner.

I removed the band at the bottom of the shirt by using my seam ripper.  I'm planning to make a belt from the piece.

Here's the bottom of the shirt without the band.

I cut the top of the shirt right under the arm hole to use for the bottom of my new dress.

Here is the finished product.  Now I have a new dress that I can wear to the office with a cute pair of shoes.  I love it. 

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Monday, May 26, 2014

free custom frame

I love free stuff, who doesn't right? My husband picked up this frame for me before it hit the dumpster at his sister's house. I just love that man. I took the frame apart and added a few touches to customize it for our bedroom. I found this wrapping paper at dollar tree a few months back and loved the colors. I'm using alot of yellow in our bedroom now and I loved the natural color because it reminds me of burlap. After he brought the frame home, I had a great plan to update it for our bedroom with one of my favorite pictures of us taken years ago on a trip to Rhode Island. This is a very simple update. I wrapped the bottom part of the frame with the wrapping paper and just cut a piece of burlap a little larger than the actual picture. I cut the white paper that comes inside the frame a little larger than the burlap. I guess you would say I layered it.
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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

night stand update

I was the lucky recipient of this old night stand from sister number 3. It definetly needed some love but was a very solid piece. Here she is before.

I needed a side table in my home office to hold my shredder, extra paper for my printer  and my extra forms and junk that I don't like cluttering up my desk.  I painted the entire table black and used the original hardware.  I added a protective placemat to the top and the inside shelf just so my office supplies and shredder wouldn't scratch the newly painted table. I bought the placemats at the dollar tree and trimmed them to fit.

Here the finished product.  It works perfect in my home office.