Tuesday, June 19, 2012

$5.00 yard sale mirror

I found this oval mirror at a yard sale for $5.00.  I added  it to my spare bedroom that I have done in all black and white. This was a perfect addition to this room. 

The mirror was in perfect shape.  I just cleaned it up with some windex and VIOLA.  It looks awesome.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Vacation wall of fame

I decided that for one of the walls in the screened in porch I would use it as a display wall of all our vacation memories.   

So far the collections is from, Ocean City,  Rehoboth Beach, Lake Erie, the Dominican Republic and Mexico. 

I hope to add many more vacation pictures to this wall.

Monday, June 11, 2012


I found a really cool looking candle holder at a yardsale for $1.00.  The problem was you would need a giant candle to put in the holder.   So I decided to make a minor adjustment.  I added a ceramic tile to the top of the candle holder where the hole was at.  Now it is a solid piece and I can just put a candle on the top. 

I purchased a plain white candle at Walmart for $2.49 and added polka dot washi tape to the candle.

Total investment for this project $3.49.  Not to bad!!!

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Monday, June 4, 2012

faux stained glass window

I purchased this wall hanging at a yard sale last year for $2.00.  I loved the color of it and knew I wanted to use it in the porch somewhere. 

I hung it on one of the end windows of the porch by a wire and I think it looks like a faux stained glass window. 

This is the daytime view looking out to the deck.

This is the view at night.

This was a very easy project.   All I had to do was figure out how to hang it with wire so you wouldn't be able to see the wire.   The color was perfect I didn't change it at all.

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

drop cloth turned table cloth

I want to keep our screened in porch very low maintenace.  No fu-fu decorations or fussy furnishings.  So I painted our large amish made picnic table that seats 8 comfortably.  The table is 16 years old and the top was a little rough.  I sanded the top and gave it a coat of gray paint. 

I added a bamboo floor mat to the center of the table and my lantern that hubby bought me for my birthday.  This is how it looks everyday.
We were having some friends over for dinner to show off all the work that we did in the porch so I wanted to cover the table but I didn't want a vinyl tablecloth or a fancy linen table cloth. 

So I went to Walmart and picked up a drop cloth.  It was $9.99

I cut the drop cloth to fit my table and finished the edge. The great thing about it is I still have a nice piece left that I can use for another project.

I found some placemats at a yardsale for 50 cents for all 4 placemats.  I added them to the top of the table cloth.

This is exactly what I was looking for. Simple and cozy.  I love the texture of the table cloth and the color is the neutral that I wanted.

This is just one of the many projects that I've completed in our newly renovated screened in porch. 
Stay tuned for more.

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Kitchen/screened in porch renovation!

Okay May was a very busy month so I didn't get much  blogging done.  Hopefully all the craziness is over and I can get back to business.  We finally completed the kitchen/screened in porch renovation. 

Check out all my pictures.

Welcome to the Porch
This was the old view standing inside the porch looking at the window into the dining room.  I am so glad to be rid of the sunflower stencil that was 16 years old. 

This is the view from inside the dining room looking out to the porch.

The window became the sliding glass door and the wooden door became the entrance to my large appliance garage.
 Hubby removed the window and added a sliding glass door.

This is the view of the appliance garage (pantry).

Here are just some random shots while it was all going on........

Giant hole before the door was installed.

This ugly and dirty overhang all had to come down.

This is the view inside the porch of what is now the bump out for the refrigerator in the kitchen and my appliance garage.

The giant frig. that started the entire project. Hubby cut a hole in the wall behind the refrigerator and pushed it back 2 feet so now we have an extra 2 feet in the kitchen.

Now that all the messy hard work is completed.  I get to do all the fun decorating stuff.  Stay tuned for all my projects.