Wednesday, January 23, 2013

candles decorated with scraps

project #2 using what I already have!

I'm trying really hard to use items from my sewing/craft room and not make any new purchases for my projects.  I found a few candles and decided to try and decorate them with leftovers from previous craft projects.

Here's what I came up with:

HOPE candle has a piece of contact paper from the dollar store, layered with a piece of burlap and a primitive star that has "hope" stamped on it. 

2nd candle-a piece of upholstery webbing and raffia layered on the top.

DREAM candle, scrap of burlap, sisal rope and another primitive heart with dream stamped on it. 

Here are few ways that I chose to display them.  

****Here's an update to where the candle in center finally found a home. 

Stay tuned to see what I can come up with next from a bunch of leftovers.

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Heart wreath at no cost

Project #1 using what I already have!

After taking down all the Christmas decorations outside, my front door was looking pretty boring.  I wanted something for Valentines Day but didn't want to spend any money.  So I headed to my sewing/craft room and found this berry swag that I picked up this summer at a yard sale.

I shaped it into a heart and tied it with sisal rope. 

Here's how she looks on my front door.

Perfect and if I ever want to use it as a swag again I can just untie the sisal rope.  Better yet, it didn't cost me a penny. 

Stay tuned for the next project using leftovers from my craft room.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Swiffer cover

One of my New Years Resolutions is to not just pin things that I like from pinterest but to actually try and make them.

This is my version- PROJECT #1

I cut a micro fiber dish towel and was able to make 3 swiffer covers.  I used the width of the towel as my length and cut 3 pieces 6" tall.  I took each single piece and folded the ends up and sewed the fabric straight across.  I used a zig zag stitch because the edges on top and bottom were raw edges. 

Now just slide your swiffer mop inside on each edge.  They work like a charm.  Now I can just throw them in the washer and dryer and reuse them.  Much much cheaper than buying the refills.

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dollar Store contact paper project

I purchased an 8x10 canvas at our local Ollies for $2.69. I found this black and white contact paper at Dollar General. I just cut the contact paper to size and wrapped the canvas like a present.

I added a very nice metal cross that I already had by running a ribbon through the cross and attached it to the back of the canvas with a thumb tack. It worked perfect because of the wood on the canvas.

This project I’m keeping for myself. I hung it on the wall in my spare bedroom. This was so easy and cheap. I think the project took me less than 10 minutes and that’s because I couldn’t remember where I put my thumb tacks.

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Saturday, January 5, 2013

peppermint candy candle

Very quick project.  I just glued the peppermint candies to this walmart candle.

I turned this white candy dish upside down to use as a candleholder.

Total time to make this candle about 5 minutes.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Modge Podge Side table or Foot stool

I found another table very very cheap at a yardsale this summer. I thought I would redo it for a footstool. When I was shopping at Pat Catans before the Holiday I found some really cool scrapbook paper. The paper reminds me of my passport with stamps from all different countries. Although my passport only has 3 stamps you get the idea.

I used my go-to craft product“MODGE PODGE” on this project. Just added it to the top of the table and the shelf. That’s all I did folks. No sanding or painting. Just good ole Modge Podge. I’m very pleased with the final product. This would be great for a foot stool or a little side table to hold your book or magazine that you are reading.

This is on it’s way to the shop for resale. I won’t feel very bad if it doesn’t sale because it will look great in my porch.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Steelers VS Cowboys

This is a very quick project with very minimal sewing skills needed.   I purchased a Steeler scarf for our puppy at a local craft fair this fall and decided to make another one for the team that my son supports.

I layed out the Steelers scarf on to the Cowboys fabric (be sure you have the right sides of the fabric together) and cut out 2 pieces.  Sew all the way around your scrarf except for about 2 inches on the top of the scrarf.  Turn your fabric right sides out and iron.  Now you will have to hand sew the 2 inches that you left open. 

Next tie the scarf around your dogs neck and chase him around until you get a good picture.  This could take a while.

My team lost

My son's team won!!!!
Looks like Windsor might be sporting his Cowboys scarf in to the playoffs.  We are putting the Steeler one away until next year!!!!