Sunday, June 3, 2012

Kitchen/screened in porch renovation!

Okay May was a very busy month so I didn't get much  blogging done.  Hopefully all the craziness is over and I can get back to business.  We finally completed the kitchen/screened in porch renovation. 

Check out all my pictures.

Welcome to the Porch
This was the old view standing inside the porch looking at the window into the dining room.  I am so glad to be rid of the sunflower stencil that was 16 years old. 

This is the view from inside the dining room looking out to the porch.

The window became the sliding glass door and the wooden door became the entrance to my large appliance garage.
 Hubby removed the window and added a sliding glass door.

This is the view of the appliance garage (pantry).

Here are just some random shots while it was all going on........

Giant hole before the door was installed.

This ugly and dirty overhang all had to come down.

This is the view inside the porch of what is now the bump out for the refrigerator in the kitchen and my appliance garage.

The giant frig. that started the entire project. Hubby cut a hole in the wall behind the refrigerator and pushed it back 2 feet so now we have an extra 2 feet in the kitchen.

Now that all the messy hard work is completed.  I get to do all the fun decorating stuff.  Stay tuned for all my projects.


Jen @ Creating with the J's said...

Looking good!

Geri O said...

Thank you so much. I'm sure you are very tired of hearing about it.

Chase Conely said...

Nothing beats the exhilarating feeling of redecorating and revamping your own place. I’m sure all the work is done, and I’m pretty excited to see what the porch and the kitchen look like after you’ve done your magic. Your porch looks cute and chic, but I think you can still make it look better by adding some colors and designs to lighten up the place.

Barrett Elmore said...

Your hubby did a great job in using your porch to add some space to your kitchen! Your porch looks better with the sliding door, and the ‘Welcome to the Porch’ sign hanging on the wall is a nice touch. Have you posted photos of your porch after all the reconstructions? I hope it went well for you and your hubby!

Angelina Garcia said...

I agree with Barrett here. :D It all looks great from what I can see. :D The sliding door’s a good addition to your house. :D


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