Thursday, August 23, 2012

Modge podge + deck of cards = BAR TOP

If  you follow my blog you know that we just completed a remodel of our screened in porch.  Hubby and I purchased a unfinished bar for $7.00 at a yard sale.  We painted the bar and added a logo to the front and are very happy with the outcome.  The top of the bar was a different story.  We thought about adding a countertop but Lowes quoted us $300.00.  Seriously to cover a $7.00 bar.  I don't think so.  After a lot of complaining discussion about the top of the bar being to shiny Hubby kept bugging me to change it.  He wanted me to sponge paint the top.  I don't do sponge paint so that was not an option.  I thought about covering it with Steelers wrapping paper or Steelers Fabric.  In the end I didn't go with either of those.  I went with this option...........................

A deck of cards

Now this isn't just any deck of cards it's a deck with only Pittsburgh Steelers Star players.  I layed the cards out and modge podged each one individually.  On the corners of the bar I added the Steelers logo from wrapping paper that I had.  
see the logo on the corners from wrapping paper
After I was happy with the placement and I was sure that all the corners were stuck down.  I added about 3 coats of modge podge to the entire top.  Letting it dry in between each coat.  After all layers were dry, Hubby decided to help and he sprayed the entire top with Polyurethene.  

You can't see the detail on the cards but each one lists the player and the years that they played and something unique about them. 

Here's a look at the entire bar.  I can't get a good picture but you get the idea.   Now keep in mind that we only paid $7.00 for the bar so we weren't too serious about the entire thing.  It is definetly a conversation piece.  If you are a true Steelers Fan you will appreciate our bar.   

 We are getting a lot of compliments on it except for my son who is a Cowboys fan.  He doesn't think it's very cool.   Hubby is happy with his Steelers corner and I'm happy it's done. 

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Marilyn Clark said...


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Something Nice and Pretty said...

I'm a true Steeler's fan and so are my husband and my three son's! I so do appreciate your 7.00 bar that you made fantastic! We are from Western Pa! 30 miles SW of Pittsburgh!

Something Nice and Pretty said...

Just followed your blog, stop by when you get the time!

Christine said...

What a great idea!! It looks GREAT too!!

Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

Sara Pliske said...

Geri - I love your bar! We have these cards...except they are the Colts !! Go Colts...haha! What a clever idea. I might have to use ours for a card table in the basement or something similar. Thanks for sharing!

Blessings - Sara

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