Wednesday, December 12, 2012

easy dog bed cover Take II

Our  golden doodle or as my Granddaughter calls him a "wacka doodle" has chewed threw his bed twice already.  First cover I made out of an old sheet and just slipped his bed into it.  After a couple months he chewed threw the sheet so I decided to go with something a little heavier.  I found some duck cloth in my fabric stash and covered it again.

All I did was measure the size of his bed and cut the fabric 1 inch wider and longer.  I folded the fabric in half. 

I folded the front and back of the fabric  down about 1/2" and ironed it.  Right sides together.  Just sew down both sides of the fabric.  Leaving the top folded side open.  I reinforced the seams so Wacka doodle couldn't rip them apart.  Snip your corners and turn the cover right side out.

You should end up with a big square that is closed on 3 sides and opened on one side.  Slip your dog bed inside and hand sew the open edge.  This will give you the ability to rip out the hand sewing and take off the cover to launder it.

I thinks he likes it.  I told him if he chews threw this one he is sleeping on the floor. So far so good.

Thank god I know how to sew or I would have had to buy 3 dog beds and at $35.00 a shot I would not be a very happy camper.  

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Jen @ Creating with the J's said...

Such a happy and spoiled pup! I am sure he enjoys your sewing!

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