Friday, January 10, 2014

another scarf

Finger knitting is becoming a new passion. It keeps my fingers and mind busy while I’m watching TV in the evening and better yet, it keeps me from eating! This week in Western Pennsylvania we have been having record low temperatures so I need to entertain myself so cabin fever doesn’t set in too early. After all it’s only January. I’m recommending this cheap, easy craft to everyone. All you need are your fingers and a ball of yarn.

I also added a button and a seperate crocheted buckle to keep it all together.  Here's a close of the button and piece. 

Also I almost forgot to mention, your looking at my new dress form that was a Christmas gift from my daughter.  I always wanted a dress form and she surprised me with it.  Thank you Kylee, you are the best!

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Jennifer Madigan said...

Of course I love it! I bought one from you! I have gotten some comments on it and I haven't even worn it yet!! Keep up the good work!

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