Monday, June 23, 2014

Zipper madness

I'm changing it up this year from my usual yard sale hunts. Normally it's furniture and household items I'm searching for but this year I'm searching for fabric, zippers, belts, lace and anything that I can use for my new hobby of refashioning. I scored a bag of zippers for $2.00 from an elderly woman who was thrilled that I was going to put them to good use. There were 12 zippers in that bag, anyone that has bought a zipper lately knows what a deal I found. Using the same concept of cutting up t-shirts to make a cute summer dress here's what my latest refashion looks like.

I cut off the light purple shirt under the arm holes to use for the bottom of the dress. 

I kept the dark purple shirt just as it was and added the light purple do the bottom.  I added one of my new zippers to the front.  I just simply attached the zipper to the front keeping it exposed because thats the look I was going for.

Another dress to add to my summer wardrobe for work or out to dinner. 

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