Wednesday, February 19, 2014

tank top upcycle

Another easy upcycle.  I found a doily in my stash in the sewing room.  I placed it on the back on the tank top and pinned it the entire way around.  First I sewed a straight line all the way around to be sure that it was secure. Then I just zig zagged over the same stich because I wanted to be sure that I caught the entire edge of the doily.  Now comes the fun part.  Turn your shirt inside out and cut away the fabric under the doily.  Be sure to only clip the fabric.  Now I have a new shear back tank top for Summer.  

Again I have a new shirt and it didn't cost me a cent!!!! This wardrobe upcycling is addicting and FUN!

all sewn down and ready for the fabric underneath the doily to be cut away

This is the finished project, remember my dress form is red thats why you are seeing the red.  If I was wearing it you would be seeing flesh.

I really like how this turned out.  This will definetly be making it in the suitcase for vacation.

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