Friday, October 14, 2011

Another Life Lesson Learned

Last night my Dear Mother was honored at a charity dinner in Station Square in Pittsburgh for her many many years of service.  That would be over 50 years of service donating to a cause near and dear to her heart the Chimbote Mission in Peru.  I can’t even fathom giving each and every year for over 50 years. 

To understand this a little better, my mother is not a rich woman.  Not in the sense of the word as money rich.  She will tell you that she is rich in love and kindness that she has experienced in her 90 years on this earth from her huge family. 

There were times when I was growing up that I remember my mother working two jobs.  My father was disabled back when I was 11 years old and I am the youngest of 6 children.  So for many many years she worked very hard to keep it all together yet she always donated to her charities.  Growing up I always remember a picture of at least one little girl taped to the refrigerator.  These were her adopted children she would tell us.  Each month she would send money to the organization to help, feed and cloth these kids. 

 When you are a child yourself you just don’t understand why she is doing this.  In my adult years I have a much better understanding as to why she gave each and every month.  She would say that God has blessed her with 6 healthy children and she wanted to give back.  What a wonderful example she has set for all her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. 

How ironic that the day she was honored for her charity work was also the day of her 90th birthday.  As her 6 children and 2 of her oldest granddaughters and one Great granddaughter traveled with her to Pittsburgh, we got to sit back and enjoy with her her moment in the spot light. She was honored by Bishop, David Zubik of the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

Bella, Mom, Me, Lori, Carol, Leigh, Sona, Crissa, William & Denise
How fortunate I am to have such a wonderful giving mother.  Watching my Mother today I learned another lesson on life. 

You always have enough to give just a little to someone else.

Happy Birthday Mom,  I love you.


Jen @ Creating with the J's said...

Very well said!!! She seems like an incredible lady! Have fun at the party and if she does anything crazy, like roller skating, standing on her head etc. make sure someone gets video!!!!!

Leigh said...

Aunt Geri, such a nice tribute to Grandma. What a wonderful evening. Love you!

Crissa said...

An incredible night for an incredible woman. We are blessed to have her and to learn from her. Love this post, you are really getting good at this blogging thing, Mar! Love ya.

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