Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I can't take any credit for this post.  This is all my Mother and my Husband's work of art.

I've mentioned my Mother many times in my blog, but if you haven't ever met her she is the most amazing 91 year old woman  you woud ever want to meet.  She has more energy than most 50  year olds including myself.  She still rides her exercise bike each and every day, she just recently gave up her driver's license after a minor traffic accident.  My siblings and I all agreed that it was time for her to depend on us for once.  She put up a little fight but in the end we stayed united and she accepted that her independence was going to take a very small hit.

She lives in a Senior Citizens apartment complex just about 10 miles from me.  Now that she can't just pick up and leave per complex whenever she wants she had to find other things to occupy her time and energy.  We tease her and tell her she is the activities directory in her apartment complex.  Her latest project is working puzzles with all the ladies on her  floor.  They just completed one that is 40 x 16 and is a replica of the last supper.  She informed me last Friday that we needed to head to the craft store because she needed to find "puzzle glue."  Off to the craft store we go,  one bottle of modge podge & a foam brush later and we are on our way home. 

This past Friday she informs me that I have to come pick up the puzzle that is all glued together and take it and have it framed.  The good daughter that I am I pick up the puzzle and bring it home and tell my husband "we have to take this and get it framed."  He volunteers his services and says he can do it.  We headed to Lowes and bought a large piece of oak framing that was 120" for only $13.00.

He mounted the puzzle to a piece of panelling that we had leftover from another project and he made a few cuts to the framing and here she is all finished.

Don't mind the white poster board underneath the frame.  Hubby had to work on the kitchen island because it is about 6 degrees in the garage.  We have 6" of snow with more to come tomorrow.  Have I mentioned how much I hate Western Pennsylvania winters?

My mother is going to be so surprised tomorrow when she sees this puzzle all framed.  She will be singing my Husband's praises AGAIN!!!

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Patricia Krank said...

So sweet! My in-laws are 93 & 94 and still living (and driving) on their own. We sure need to enjoy them while we can. I think you mom is going to be thrilled!!! Blessings to you, Patti@OldThingsNew

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